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                                                                     POSITION STATEMENT                                                                 

Since a real reporter of the facts has no friends in his pursuit of investigating the empirical evidence that surround an issue, I will by the nature of all this is to piss off just about everyone AND EVERYTHING  that I report on.
It's lonely out on the edges....


UPCOMING EVENT, or maybe it already happened , same thing

Nothing  good happens after Midnight---Outlaw Biker Gang invades Deptford Twp. Millions of Dollars of damage and countless lives lost. Or maybe  it was something else entirely...depends on your perception of Reality......

Like they used to say in the old day's " NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE" ..... AGC😁

Remember: "wherever YOUR  at, there YOU are"...Buckaroo Bonzai

Deptford Chapter Forming....PROSPECTS AND INITIATES candidates   being interviewed...just don't ' Hang Around "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ?



*   We believe in Everything, Nothing is Sacred! We believe in Nothing, Everything is Sacred!  *   'Tis an Ill Wind that Blows no Minds!  *   Nothing is true! Everything is permissible! 

I.   The Illuminati M/C is a Collective of Free Individuals, and claims no affiliation with any national, regional, or political bodies or organizations. The BIMC membership is truly international and non-aligned. We acknowledge no authority other than the Higher Self! The BIMC categorically state that the BIMC is non-territorial, non-aligned and is in no way a party to any inter-cabal conflicts or business. BIMC members strive to offer Respect and Courtesy to other patch holders. 

II.   All members of the Bavarian Illuminati M/C are "Nomads/Lone Wolves" and each is a President unto themselves. All Cabal Presidents are equals. Each President is completely autonomous, solely responsible for their own actions and aware of the consequences of such. 

III.   The Nature of this Cabal is Anarchistic, Egalitarian, and Iconoclastic. Membership is strictly "Invitation Only". Members may not actively recruit and do not actively seek new members. There is no hangin’ around, nor prospecting. Non-Members may petition to join, but should be made aware that Selection is strictly up to the individual President(s) concerned. (Tricky Business!). 

IV.   The Colours shall always include the distinctive Eye of Horus within the Triangle, and regardless of geographical location, the bottom rocker WILL ALWAYS read "BAVARIA" in reference to its historical origin - we claim no turf. 

V.   It is under inviolable accord regarding the bestowing of colours & inauguration whatever the format may be, of the BIMC to never accept remuneration for and shall be as such, and if so, on pain of irredeemable expulsion. 

VI.   Acts of violence, domination, prejudice, unwarranted aggression or any other Negative Action in the name of the Cabal, as well as territoriality, terrorism, and intra/extra Cabal rivalry Will Not Be Tolerated, and will be summarily punished by the Law of Threefold Return, through Karma, instant or otherwise! Be Warned! The Responsibility for your actions is Yours Alone! Disgrace thy Cabal and Thyself not - at Peril of Dire Consequences! 

VII.   While the many Cabal Mysteries & Rituals have Mystical Overtones, it should be reminded that no philosophical or religious affiliation is required, or even desired, only the highest ideals of Illumination and the Biker Lifestyle: Freedom, Independence & Self-Determination! Beware the pitfalls of this Lifestyle's Dark Side lest you be consumed - Ride in Balance!



 FOUNDING MEMBER Illuminatus Primus


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* DISCLAIMER: On a slow newsday I may invoke elements of satire and hyperbole....get over it. See you when I see you.