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                      " AND NOW THE REST OF THE STORY"

The  Energy Lobby  is a well funded and networked alliance  of various interests that I am not a member of and they are not shy about their position. I operate under the principle that ALL Politics is local.

   My concern is my backyard. This is a fellow from up state  Wayne County PA who is an Energy Consultant and has some interesting background on the Fracking Issue from HIS prospective. I don't agree with most of his conclusions as I don't see any upside with the Gibbstown LNG PROJECT which is a byproduct of gas fracking ON HIS LAND.....




The Natural Gas Now website.


Rene Wormser. His book, Foundations (1958)

Foundations, Consultants and Think Tanks....put down your Yard Signs and find out what your REALLY up against.

The William Penn Foundation: Alter Ego of the Haas Family with Billions to spend, and fund BOTH sides of the issue. The afterbirth of Rohm and Haas Fortune.

American For Prosperity, (and the Network that they support)

Who is ALEC ?  A Koch Bros  front that operate's in EVERY state, and they have a bigger voice than YOU ....

Who are the Hedge Fund Billionaires that pretend they are in Businessmen?



* DISCLAIMER: On a slow newsday I may invoke elements of satire and hyperbole....get over it. See you when I see you.

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