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DEPTFORD EARLY WARNING                          SYSTEM 


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Just when you thought it was safe to come  outside, there is one  more thing that makes you run back inside: Welcome to the Deptford Early  Warning System Project. What is an Early Warning System you ask? 


An early warning system (EWS) is technology and associated policies and procedures designed to predict and mitigate the harm of natural and human-initiated disasters and other undesirable events.  (Such as Bond Issue's,  Property Tax Increases, and other Pork  Barrel slight of hand.)

I'm going to  give an introduction  to the subject with this disturbing link on just how Deptford rnks in te scheme of things.  You might just want to ask the questions  as to JUST WHERE    does ALL  this money go ?

        If Johhny can't Read Write and do Math,WHY are they being steamrolled  through the system and graduated at  an all time high.....?

* DISCLAIMER: On a slow newsday I may invoke elements of satire and hyperbole....get over it. See you when I see you.

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